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“Vibrating ring stops you from falling asleep at the wheel”

StopSleep 44/100 in Challenge


“Vibrating ring stops you from falling asleep at the wheel”

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StopSleep 44/100 in Challenge
auto plus 2014 magazine cuts
StopSleep recommended by auto plus

Auto Plus

AutoPlus No.1363. 17th October 2014
In an article on driver fatigue, testers were asked to review different anti-sleep alarms available on the market.
The verdict : StopSleep was simply the best solution based on performance quality and value for money.

StopSleep review :
StopSleep is a double ring which you can wear on any two fingers of either hand. It analyses the electrodermal activity of your skin, looking for changes in activity of the sweat glands and your nervous system. This technique, the same technique as used in lie detectors, can detect any drops in concentration and the on-set of drowsiness, micro-sleep and eventually sleep.

In use :
The ring is worn across two fingers and although this can feel strange at first, it quickly feels normal over a long journey. It’s not possible to charge the ring whilst in use, but it can be charged in advance via a micro USB cable and fortunately has a long battery life of up to 15hrs, more than adequate for most journeys.

AutoPlus verdict : Efficient and usable by everyone, anywhere.
StopSleep produces two levels of alert: a single vibration alerts to a slight drop in concentration and awareness and a second more pronounced alarm, combining a loud beep and vibration, alert when there is a sign of a greater drop in concentration and driver fatigue. Benefits: the alarms are accurate and alert at the appropriate times, genuinely recognising drops in concentration, awareness and the on-set of drowsiness and driver fatigue. Only a change in temperature, causing the user to sweat suddenly can create a false alert, making StopSleep very effective. In our view, StopSleep is by far the best quality and value for money anti-sleep alarm on the market.


Courrier de l'écho

Les Alpes Mancelles.fr


“A real innovation against driver fatigue”


“A Top 5 innovation”

Test Micro

“StopSleep should be a mandatory”

StopSleep in the newspapers : Le parisien

Le Parisien

“StopSleep wakes you up”

The ring that wakes you up.
The built-in sensors of this device, which you wear on two fingers of your hand, monitors driver awareness and alerts at the first signs of a drop in concentration and awareness.

Its sporty looks might suggest that this device measures your heart rate or the number of calories burned during an exercise routine. In fact, the StopSleep ring monitors a driver’s awareness, and if the driver starts to lose their concentration it will alert them immediately via a built-in vibrating alarm and beeper. StopSleep weighs only 20g, and is available through 2KD France. It allows motorists to monitor their own level of concentration and fatigue, before the first physical signs occur: itchy eyes, stiffening of the neck, glazed eyes and heavy eyelids. A danger to be taken very seriously, driver fatigue is responsible for one in three fatal accidents on the highway and increases the risk of accidents in general by eight times.

Two warning levels
This rechargeable ring, is worn between index and middle fingers on either hand. Its eight sensors calculate electrodermal activity (Electrical activity recorded at the surface of the skin), which actually reflects brain activity. "It's the same principle of that used by lie detectors. When a person lies, the activity of the brain registers ‘peaks’, as his electrodermal activity increases. At StopSleep, we measure the ‘downturns’ "says John Toquet, co-founder of 2KD France.

StopSleep, whose effectiveness has been tested by the National Centre for Scientific Research, has a two stage alarm system. The first stage comes in the form of a vibration and will alert you if your awareness and concentration has reduced, this is sometimes so subtle you may not have even noticed until StopSleep alerts. The second alert is more serious and combines the vibration with a loud beep indicating that your awareness and concentration had dropped significantly. As this point "It is strongly advised you stop," said John Toquet. However even if your StopSleep did not beep, remember to take at least a fifteen minute break for every two hours of driving.

Other devices, such as the onboard camera system - which calculates the blinking of the eyelids on the Ford Focus - or Attention Assist system from Mercedes-Benz - studying the trajectory of the vehicle – are also used to assess the risk of drowsiness, but StopSleep ring has the advantage that it can be taken from vehicle to vehicle and used in a number of different circumstances. 2KD France also points out that the ring "could also be used for people whose profession requires great concentration” says John Toquet. “In particular, air traffic controllers and the military” We tested it during a working day: it vibrated after three hours !

Camping Car Magasine

“This ring is gold”

Esprit Camping Car

Le Monde du Camping Car

Test 01NET

“Conclusion: It really works, alerting you when your head is elsewhere ”

Heure Digitale.com

“The anti-sleep alarm that could save your life”


“StopSleep accurately detects driver fatigue”

StopSleep 44/100 in Challenge


“Special High Tech: Top 100 writer reviews. StopSleep is classified 44th out of 100”

IT for Business


La Tribune Hebdo

Modes et Travaux


StopSleep in FHM magazine


“StopSleep comes 45th out of the Top 50 accessories that will change your life”


“Definitely a price worth paying”


“We recommend StopSleep”

Le Républicain Lorrain

“A must-have innovation”

StopSleep on the radio : Europe 1

RMC Weekend experts: Yourself

Issue 12.07.2014.
Francois Sorel and Jean Luc Moreau test StopSleep “We recommend this exciting innovation”

Objet Connecté

“The anti-sleep alarm that effectively fights against driver fatigue”


“One of the Top 5 innovations of the year”


“Efficient and convenient”

StopSleep on RTL radio

RTL: The Big Heads

Issue 06.12.14
“Laurent Ruquier speaks to a listener using the innovative StopSleep ring. This ring will eventually be used to ensure Mr Benichou stays awake.”

Auto Moto

“StopSleep – warns before it is too late”

Direct Matin

Direct Matin. Novembre 5, 2014
StopSleep in Digital Life section.

Investment Advice

Investment Tips 01 November 2014
StopSleep appears in the Trends section.

StopSleep on the radio : Europe 1

Europe 1, Innovations section

Issue 12/11/2014.
Thomas Sotto discovers the innovation of the day, the StopSleep anti-sleep alarm that protects against driver fatigue.


StopSleep appears in the Connected Devices section.

Le Journal du Geek

StopSleep appears in the News section.

Android Tips and Solutions

StopSleep appears in the Features category.

StopSleep in the press : RMC

Bourdin Direct

Issue 16.10.2014.
Jean-Jacques Bourdin discovers the latest in road safety, StopSleep Anti-sleep alarm.


“A simple solution against driver fatigue.”


“StopSleep helps road safety”


“StopSleep: advanced technology for drivers”

StopSleep in the press : BFM Tv

BFM TV, Geek Culture

Issue 16/10/2014.
Anthony Morel shows you how to effectively protect yourself against driver fatigue.

Euro Assurances

“An innovation for road safety”

Femmes Actuelles

“StopSleep warns the driver at the first signs of a loss of concentration”

France Info

StopSleep appears in the Featured category.

StopSleep in the medias : Canal

The new edition of Canal Plus

Issue 03/10/2014.
PP Garcia introduces StopSleep on the set of Ali Baddou.

Objet Connecté

StopSleep in the connected objects section.

Maison et Domotique

“The ring that fights against driver fatigue”


“This is the anti-sleep driving ring”

StopSleep tout le monde en parle Valeurs Actuelles

Valeurs Actuelles. June 26, 2014

StopSleep appears in the Trends Guide

Télé Loisirs

“The Anti-sleep ring”

Usine Digitale

“StopSleep a sensation at the electronics show”

Zerotracas.com (MMA)

“The anti-fatigue ring”

StopSleep : receives the innovation award


Winner in the June 2014 MedPi Monaco, New Innovations Category.


“StopSleep is not a gimmick”


“StopSleep electrodermal ring : prevention against micro-sleep”

Hifi Vidéo Home Cinema

“StopSleep accurately detects driver fatigue”

StopSleep in the press 01net TV

01net TV

Presents the greatest innovations of MedPi in Monaco, June 2014.

Doctors talk about StopSleep

Le Quotidien du medecin

“This ring is not a gadget”