Frequently asked questions
Which fingers do i wear stopsleep on ?
You can wear StopSleep on any two fingers of either hand. StopSleep has been designed so that it does not reduce the mobility of your hand.
Will stopsleep hinder me in any way whilst driving ?
StopSleep does not reduce the mobility of your fingers or hand and so should not hinder you whilst driving. StopSleep may feel slightly strange for a few minutes after you first put it on as you've never worn something like this before. However, most of our customers tell us how surprised they are at how quickly they no longer notice they are wearing it at all.
Can i lend my stopsleep to another driver ?
StopSleep is suitable for everybody and so can be loaned to other drivers. To ensure that StopSleep works effectively for the new user, simply turn it off and back on again before use, so that it can efficiently analyse the electrodermal activity of the new user.
How can i be sure that stopsleep is working ?
When StopSleep is operating correctly and efficiently analysing the electrodermal activity of your skin, the device will display a green LED that flashes intermittently. If StopSleep is not working correctly the LED will flash red, indicating that there is not a good contact between the built-in sensors and your skin. This can sometimes happen when your skin is cold. In the event that the LED on StopSleep flashes red, please wait until your hands are warmer and try again.
How can i distinguish between alarm 1 and alarm 2 on my stopsleep ?
StopSleep includes 2 levels of alert :
  • ALERT 1 = WARNING! Vibration.
    Your concentration has dropped slightly even though you may not necessarily have noticed.
  • ALERTE 2 = DANGER ! Loud beep vibration
    Your concentration and awareness has dropped significantly. Take a break !
To familiarize yourself with the StopSleep alerts, we advise you to test it in a non-dangerous environment such as at home at night watching television, or even going to bed. This will allow you to differentiate between the two types of alerts : WARNING! and DANGER !
We guarantee you will be very quickly convinced of how amazingly effective StopSleep is !
How long will the battery last ?
When fully charged, StopSleep's built-in battery will last around 10 hours. StopSleep is supplied with a vehicle charger so it can be easily charged when you are taking a break. Thanks to it's fast charging lithium-ion battery , StopSleep can be completely recharged in only 1 hour.
Please note that you cannot use StopSleep whilst it is charging.
How can I tell how much charge is left in the battery ?
Switch on your StopSleep by pressing and holding the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds. The unit will beep and flash green. A succession of sharp beeps will follow, indicating the current battery level :
  • Battery charge level when switching the device on
    No beeps Battery fully charged
  • 1 Beep Over 50 % battery charge left
  • 2 Beeps Over 25 % battery charge left
  • 3 Beeps About 2 hours of battery time left
  • 4 Beeps About 1 hour of battery time left
  • 5 Beeps Battery nearly flat, recharge before use
You can check that the unit is on at any time by briefly pressing the on/off button. The LED will flash green to confirm that it is powered on and has sufficient charge or will flash red if the battery is flat and needs recharging.
How do i charge stopsleep ?
StopSleep is supplied with a USB cable plus a vehicle and home charger. It can be charged from the cigarette lighter socket (12V/24V) in your vehicle but also via a 220V AC adaptor or a PC with a suitable 5V USB socket.
What do i do if stopsleep alerts me ?
StopSleep alerts are designed to make you aware of your current levels of concentration and fatigue. As recommended by the CNRS in France, at the first alert the user should question their current state of awareness and whether they are in a position to drive safely and with due care and attention. However if the user receives the second alert, the instructions are clear: stop immediately and take a break.
Do you have any recommendations for using stopsleep ?
  • Always ensure that StopSleep is fully charged before you start your journey.
  • Always ensure that you have the vehicle charger with you so that you can top up the battery when you take a break from driving.
  • If StopSleep alerts it is important to take notice. Remember it is not possible to fight sleep when driving. When StopSleep alerts we strongly recommend you take a break immediately.
  • StopSleep is not fragile but it is advisable to remove StopSleep when you are not driving and performing other activities. StopSleep is also not waterproof so ensure you remove it if there is a chance it will come in to contact with water (when washing your hands for example). Damage or faults relating to misuse will void the manufacturer's warranty.
How should i maintain stopsleep ?
StopSleep does not require any special maintenance, however it is advisable to keep StopSleep in it's protective case when not in use. Clean StopSleep with a slightly damp cloth. Warning: do not submerge StopSleep in water or put under a running tap. This will permanently damage your StopSleep and invalidate it's warranty.
Technical specifications
External dimensions : L 43 x H 37 x P 26 mm
Weight : 20 grams
Compatible finger size : 15mm to 25 mm
Operating temperature : 8 °C to 40 °C
Battery : Rapid charge Lithium-ion
Speaker : integrated
Voltage : 3.7 V
Connection : Micro USB
Materials : Elastic Plastic hypoallergenic