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StopSleep : Anti-sleep alarm

Helps maintain awareness by alerting to the first signs of a drop in concentration brought on by the on-set of driver fatigue.

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Driving when tired

The No.1 cause of fatal accidents

on European roads, claiming more lives than speeding or alcohol.

stopSleep and Road Safety

Up to 1 in 4
fatal or serious accidents are caused by driver fatigue

Contrary to popular belief, it is impossible to fight sleep when driving. Stop. Revive. Survive.

StopSleep to fight low vigilance and driver fatigue

StopSleep The objective :
Reducing the number of accidents caused by driver fatigue and reduced concentration

A recent scientific study in France found that more than 800 deaths a year could be prevented with StopSleep.

However StopSleep is not a product designed to keep you awake when you are too tired to drive. If you are aware that you are too tired, you pull over and take a break. You have a cup of coffee and maybe a short nap. The problem is not necessarily about falling asleep at the wheel, the problem is that the more tired you get the harder it is to remain alert and vigilant at the wheel and to concentrate fully on driving your vehicle safely.

Unfortunately the effects of driver fatigue and accidents caused by a loss of concentration contribute to a huge percentage of accidents on Europe's roads. Most reports put the figure above 20%, higher than the number of accidents caused by alcohol or excessive speed. Whilst we know we should stop when we are too tired, we are potentially at most risk during the period leading up to taking that break, when driver fatigue has set-in and our concentration is starting to drop. These drops in concentration can be very subtle, so subtle they are imperceptible to a human being. And a drop in concentration and awareness, in modern vehicles, that are quieter and more comfortable than ever, cocooning us from our surroundings, makes it easier for us to move quickly from just a loss of awareness and concentration to 'micro-sleep' and an even greater chance of having an accident.

A recent scientific study conducted in France, showed that on a journey from Paris to Lyon, the test driver had unconsciously accumulated 6 minutes of sleep, with each period of 'micro-sleep' ranging from 1 second to a massive 6 seconds, without him having any idea it had happened. The driver felt sure he had successfully kept himself awake for the entire journey. So, although you might think you are always in complete control, it is entirely possible that even though you are doing your best to remain awake and alert, you are subconsciously, regularly, losing your concentration and awareness and slipping in to the highly dangerous state of 'micro-sleep'. Whilst you may claim you have not physically fallen asleep at the wheel, can you really claim you have remained 100% alert and in the 'present' for the entire journey ?

That is why we have designed StopSleep. Yes, StopSleep will alert you when it recognises that you are too tired to drive safely, but more importantly StopSleep will alert you as soon as it notices that you are starting to lose your concentration. StopSleep will alert at the first signs of a drop in awareness, activating even before you reach the dangerous state of 'micro-sleep' ensuring you always remain alert and safe at the wheel.

StopSleep reduces the effects of drowsiness

17H without rest
= 0.5g of alcohol per litre of blood.

90000 accidents per year - The double ring by StopSleep UK

accidents per year.

StopSleep : 1/3 of fatal accidents are caused by drowsiness or low attention

1/3 of fatal accidents occur
on motorways.

Driver fatigue is felt by the vast majority of drivers

of drivers haven't had sufficient sleep

Wear StopSleep. Stay alert.

StopSleep is simply worn on two fingers

Wear StopSleep on any two fingers (right or left hand).

Stop Sleep analyses the elecrodermal activity

StopSleep analyses your skin's electrodermal activity using 8 built-in sensors.

Be warned on cerebral activity drops

StopSleep warns you as soon as your levels of concentration start to drop.

Stopsleep includes 2 levels of alert.

StopSleep warning 1 : Your concentration has dropped slightly



Your concentration has dropped slightly even though you may not necessarily have noticed.

StopSleep warning 2 : You are in danger on the road


Loud beep & Vibration

Your concentration and awareness has dropped significantly.
Take a break !

Simple, useful and very effective.

Ready to use straight from the box. No configuration required.

Ready to use straight from the box. No set-up required

Long life built-in rechargeable StopSleep battery

Long life built-in rechargeable battery. Up to 10h capacity

Fast charging by micro USB cable

Fast charging by micro USB cable

StopSleep does not require special set-up or maintenance

No special set-up or maintenance required

StopSleep Solution baisse de vigilance anti-allergiques

Allergen proof material

StopSleep fits everyone - one size fits all

Universal fit - one size fits all

StopSleep measures your elecrodermal activity

StopSleep constantly monitors your levels of awareness.

StopSleep continually measures your levels of awareness and concentration by using 8 built-in cutaneous sensors which monitor your electrodermal activity. Your electrodermal activity, represents your brain activity, and by measuring this activity, StopSleep can accurately gauge your levels of awareness and concentration. As soon as your levels of concentration start to drop, StopSleep will alert you immediately via it's 2 stage alarm system.

StopSleep warns you as soon as your levels of concentration and awareness start to drop.

StopSleep warns you as soon as your levels of concentration and awareness start to drop

Electrodermal activity on falling asleep

StopSleep key features

description of anti-drownsiness stopsleep fonctions
description of anti driver fatigue and tiredness stopsleep fonctions

User recommendations

StopSleep has been designed to alert in case of drowsiness and drops in concentration and awareness. StopSleep should not be used as substitute for driving with due care and attention. The user is responsible for paying full attention to road conditions and under no circumstances should StopSleep be used to attempt to keep the user awake when feeling over-tired or too tired to drive safely. When driving always take regular breaksand always take a break at the first signs of fatigue or a drop in concentration. If StopSleep alerts, stop driving immediately.

Scientific recommendations.

Further to our study, as soon as StopSleep alerts, we recommend that driver's should immediately assess their current level of fatigue and concentration. If they recognise that they are starting to feel drowsy and their awareness has decreased they should take the most appropriate action immediately: stop driving

Winner of the Lauréat Award for Innovation

Winner of the Lauréat Award for Innovation.

Presented at the Salon du Medpi in Monaco for new and advanced technologies. StopSleep generated great public interest and the jury of professionals gave the award to StopSleep. It recognised not only the benefits to the user but also to other road users and the general public at large who could be drastically affected by an accident caused by dangerous driving and driving without due care and attention through fatigue or extreme tiredness.

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